Underwater AR/VR Telepresence and Teleoperation Solutions for ROVs and UUVs


The Leader in Underwater AR/VR Technology Solutions for the ROV Industry

Blue Ring develops integrated multi-camera systems to reach unparalleled results. We specialize in building camera technology which pushes the extreme edges of resolution, 3D depth, real-time multi-camera stitching, and immersive data visualizations in AR/VR head mounted displays. Our systems are deployed internationally in all types of harsh environments from the deep sea to the Arctic, from Hollywood to Nordic fish farms.

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ROV AR/VR Capabilities

  • Real-Time Multi-Camera Stitching Software
  • Immersive Data Visualizations in AR/VR Head Mounted Displays
  • Stream Live Camera Feeds to One or Multiple VR Headsets
  • Real-time Multi-Sensor Data Visualizations
  • Best in Class Data Compression Technology for Ethernet and Fiber
  • Integrated ROV Piloting Control
  • Assisted Tele-Operation
  • Machine Learning & Object Detection




Who We Are

Blue Ring Imaging was created to sell and support bleeding edge ROV telepresence and teleoperation solutions. Our background is developing innovative custom underwater housings and software for our clients in marine research, archeology, inspection, the military, and Hollywood.
VRTUL has been the leader in underwater 360 and VR production since 2015, while The Sexton Corporation has been manufacturing underwater camera products since 1968. Together we have partnered for the last 4 years developing award-winning 360 3D content, end-to-end underwater live broadcasting solutions, ROV VR piloting systems, and the highest resolution underwater camera systems in the world. We provide both hardware and software for our clients to enable end-to-end “push button” solutions.

Case Studies

Our clients draw from a range of industries including Hollywood, deep sea science, exploration, and entertainment broadcast.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


  • The first ever commercially deployed ROV VR piloting system
  • 180 3D; 4K per eye
  • 4,000 meter rated
  • Utilized by MBARI staff for piloting, scientific analysis, and Blue Chip Natural History stock footage acquisition

Seamagine Subs


  • The first ever 360 deep sea cinematic camera system
  • 360 2D; 12k resolution
  • 500 meter rated
  • Complete internal sub control system

OceanX Triton Sub


  • 5x ZCam E2 enclosures
  • Multiple array configurations including 360 2D and 180 3D
  • Global control mini-computer and live preview inside sub
  • 6,000 meter rated

OceanX Argus ROV


  • 5x ZCam E2 enclosures
  • High resolution live-streaming and cinematic recording
  • Multiple array configurations including 360 2D and 180 3D
  • 6,000 meter rated


Our clients draw from a range of industries including Hollywood, deep sea science, exploration, and entertainment broadcast.

Into the Now VR

Tribeca & Cannes 2018 Film Festival selections.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Creating immersive ocean experiences in the deep sea.

Seamagine Subs

The first ever high resolution, cinematic 360 camera for the deep sea.

Blue Chip Natural History Productions

ABC Good Morning America

The first ever underwater 360 livestream with ABC GMA in Nassau, Bahamas on May 22nd, 2017. Millions of people watched the stream on both live television and Facebook.

Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal


Casey SappCEO
Casey is CEO of Blue Ring Imaging. His background is in underwater technology innovation for Hollywood creating many first of its kind systems while running VRTUL (www.VRTUL.co). Some of Casey’s inventions include the first 360 3D underwater camera system, the first underwater 360 live broadcast (GMA), the first ROV VR piloting system (MBARI), the first 360 cinematic camera on a submarine, and the highest resolution underwater cinematic camera system in the world (MSG Sphere).
Jeremy ChildressCTO
Jeremy is Director of Engineering for Blue Ring Imaging and CEO of The Sexton Corporation, a small design and manufacturing company specializing in the development of new and innovative products for use in challenging environments. Services provided include 3D design and drafting, simulated stress analysis, CNC machining and additive manufacturing, electronics assembly, and hydrostatic testing. Jeremy is the resident vision expert with experience in camera technologies, underwater optical systems, networking, and sensor integrations, and also holds a graduate degree from Oregon State University in Marine Sciences.

The Sexton Corporation’s client list includes The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, SpaceX, US Department of Defense, NASA, US EPA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, WHOI, and dozens of universities and private companies worldwide. Notable achievements include: numerous 180/360/VR underwater enclosures for the film industry in partnership with VRTUL (www.VRTUL.co); designing and manufacturing enclosures for use up to 6000 meter depth; supplying custom enclosures for Deadliest Catch and Discovery Shark Week filming; development of an underwater x-ray system for the energy industry and defense department; and providing an underwater high-speed camera system used by Fabien Cousteau during Mission 31. Jeremy leverages his experience in prototype design and manufacturing to create quality commercial products for the film and scientific communities.

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